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Fishcross 1960s February Exhibit
15th December 2019

The Gallery's February exhibit based on artifacts found during renovations of the café

The exhibition Fish Cross 1960s gives the public a retrospective look at life at the Fish Cross, through artefacts found at 64 High Street during renovations. It gives a unique insight into the life of this jeweller at a time when local retail in the community was thriving.

The exhibit allows community members to read through the old jewellery’s business documentation and not only reminisce about the old High street life, but also cast their minds back to a time before digital innovation.

A seating area with couches, tables and chairs provides the public an opportunity to peruse the old documentation. Some refreshments such as tea and coffee will be available for purchase at £1, the proceeds of which will go to Tsukure Hub CIC for reinvestment into new projects.

This is a free exhibition sponsored through the sale of refreshments and donations from the public.

Exhibit curated by Wallis Bell-McQuade and Lisa Vermeulen


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