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The Tsukure Hub CIC Gallery
5th December 2019

Tsukure Hub's Gallery is open for creative fun!

While we have been working hard on the Hub's café, we have also worked on getting the gallery ready for business. The gallery is the space where we imagine fun, creative things to happen.

Chris has been volunteering with us to get the café ready and we are pleased to extend the gallery space to him to hold a birthday party for one of his family members. Thank you so much Chris for all your help and we hope that you will have a lovely birthday party.

The XAX 2019 Exhibition will be held from December 20 to Jan 5 and this year it features the ABC Home Education Group. We are looking forward to this exhibition!

We have more exhibits planned for the new year as well, but more about that soon!

If you have ideas for the gallery, please don't forget to tell us about them!




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