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Tsukure Hub Café Update
28th November 2019

We are just about at the point where we are starting to (re)build the café after we pretty much gutted the place and dealt with the electrical. It has been a great journey, finding a stone wall, a great ceiling with rozettes, and a wooden floor.

But these are not the only things we found in the space. We found a hatch that leads down to a cellar. The cellar is full of construction garbage, but among the debris, we have found accounting ledgers from a previous jewelry store, an old cigarette pack, and small jewelry displays - all from quite a long time ago. Just leafing through some of the ledgers, we found receipts from as far back as 1931!

This has given us a great idea. These finds are going to be exhibited in the Gallery and we are writing up the proposal for this exhibit this week.

We have also found a great stone alcove after we peeked down the wall-boards at the back of the café. It is going to be fantastic as a display area.

As quite a few holes need to be made in walls to guide all sorts of wires, we also saw that there is a old kind of latch from long ago. Kind of cool. So, we are going to make a small looking window in the wall just for fun.

If you want to help build Tsukure Hub's community café, you can contact us or you can drop by. Among the jobs that need to be done are the further sanding of the floor, waxing the floor, wall prepping, painting, and help with the building of our own custom-made coffeebar.

We are volunteer-driven and would like give a very big thank you to all the volunteers who are helping!

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