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Microgreens - Ready, Set, Go
24th November 2019

At Tsukure Hub CIC, we are definitely up for some indoor agricultural farming. And we have set to work on making this a reality.

One room off to the side of Tsukure Hub CIC’s gallery space seemed like the perfect spot to grow microgreens, tiny versions of vegetables and herbs that are slightly more mature than sprouts because they have developed two unfurled seed leaves called cotyledons.

Besides being nutritious, microgreens are a fun addition to any salad. In the new year, we plan to offer sandwiches at our café with microgreens as one of the ingredients.

We have prepared the room and have bought the initial supplies to get started on this great project.

Tsukure Hub CIC is a community space. This means that we would like you to get involved.  So, if you are interested in growing microgreens and want to experiment and learn with us, we would like you to join this project.

Drop us a line at or drop by at Tsukure Hub CIC at Fish Cross in Ayr.





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