Excercise your mind and your body!

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Activity Hub

Tsukure Hub is collaborating with local activity providers tho give visitors an extremely unique experience.

Tsukure Hub Opening Times

Tsukure Hub is open at these times;

  • Monday
    7am - 9pm
  • Tuesday
    7am - 9pm
  • Wednesday
    7am - 7pm
  • Thursday
    7am - 9pm
  • Friday
    7am - 7pm
  • Saturday
    7am - 9pm
  • Sunday
    10am - 4.00pm

Contact us

We would love to hear from you. Just drop us a line in the contact form or get in touch via the following methods;

  • Address
    58 - 64 High Street, Ayr
  • E-mail
Indoor Gardening

The SmartGarden project aims to develop a computer controlled environmental system suitable for agricultural purposes in inhospitable locations such as space!

Urban Rooftop Garden

A place to escape the hustle of a busy town centre! Our rooftop garden is also home to our bee sanctuary!

Events & Activities

The Activity Hub is there to help you let off steam and burn off some of that extra energy whilst at the same time promoting well being and good health!


You can book the Activity Hub for special events such as Hen Parties, Stag Nights and Team Building excercises!